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BATTLEMAGE(Unleash Your Wrath!)

Almost a Year to the Day

Well, it's September 17 2019 and from the looks of it, I've been gone for exactly a year. Things and stuff happened. I guess you can call it a hiatus. I didn't think so at first, I thought I was done. But I flew off and it was time well spent. I got my head back into a good place, seems like. I'm not stressing about word quotas and polishing and submitting for publication, not any more. I needed some time to think about the craft a bit. It's become a "take it easy" approach. Just writing for the sake of writing. A hundred words today? Cool. Fifty? I'll take it. Got some flash fiction done? Nice. Whatever's polished just print it out and stick it somewhere safe and let the kids sort it out when I'm dead. Maybe post it here. Bottom line is I'm feeling good about writing again.

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