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BATTLEMAGE(Unleash Your Wrath!)

Update! Where the Hell is Battlemage: Kingdom's Edge?

Yeah I know, I know! It was supposed to be out already! You guys were supposed to be storming Paramount Studios by now demanding to see the summer blockbuster version. Thing is, it needs a chunky bunch of revision. The way the first draft went, I didn't like it - it just wasn't working. So, I decided it needed to put it up on the lift and whack around under it with a pneumatic hammer: new MC backstory, rethinking of supporting characters, rewriting a good part of the plot - in other words, the usual shit that happens when writing a book. I did get sidetracked I'll admit, and wrote a handful of flash fiction stories while stewing over the whole thing. Nothing published yet though. Maybe they'll show up here, who knows. But never fear my gruesome bat-monkeys! I'm back on it, and I've got at least a half baked idea of where BKE is supposed to go story-wise.

So it goes! Thanks so much for your support! Occupy MGM!

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