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BATTLEMAGE(Unleash Your Wrath!)

Warframe: Get Ready For An Open World

Warframe’s Going Open-World!

This is pretty exciting news for devoted Tennos. The details aren’t all out there yet but the expansion is called Plains of Eidolon, which introduces an open world playspace called a Landscape: 3 square Kilometers of explorable camps, caves and hidey-holes in an environment with a full day/night cycle.

There’s going to be an NPC town called Cetus which will support probably 50 players per instance, and where you’ll be able to pick up solo or group quests if you’re into that. Of course you can brave the wilds alone or with a gang.

The transition to Archwing flight gear will be seamless. You'll be able to fly anywhere you want and take it all in.

During the day phase you’ll be fighting your usual foes the Grineer, but when the night cycle hits, be prepared to deal with huge hulking life forms that ‘ll need an team to take down.

Look for a brand new weapons crafting system too that’ll build you some pretty cool weapons. Stay tuned for updates as more news come out!

Oh yeah – check out the official trailer above if you haven’t already. See ya there!

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